Victoria's Secret: Custom Built Photo Booth

Pop-up Store @ Orchard Road

Street goers were greeted with the sight of a huge luxury gift box adorned in signature pink stripes along Orchard Road. This was the theme of an exclusive pop-up store by Victoria’s Secret, to celebrate the season of gifting in the run up to Christmas. Located outside Wisma Atria the shop was a venue for a number of events.

In addition to exclusive cocktail sessions, tours and visits from the local fashionista community, the slew of activities included scented surveys, perfume gifts, special promotions and a unique Victoria’s Secret photo booth. Visitors during the weekends were also treated to free lingerie, drink and coupon giveaways .

The scented surveys had black and pink-clad assistants roaming around with a tablet, to take part in a Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Fitting experience. By answering a few questions, an app determines your ‘Angel’ character – whether it was to be Sexy, Romantic or Playful. This was designed in line with the nine Victoria’s Secret perfumes on sale for each category.

To help spread the word and provide on-ground photo engagement, our photo booth was installed inside the pop-up store. This included a social wall screen, instructional display and the photo booth itself. Also, to support the perfume theme, visitors could choose from a selection of ‘Angel’ frames depending on their personality. After taking the photos, they could then share on the various social media, have their photo display on the social wall, and collect their prints on the spot.

The flow of traffic through our booth was consistently high throughout each day, with an average of 1,000 photos peaking in at 1,600 per weekend day. This was made possible by a high-volume industrial dye-sub printer, social media enabled via a smooth workflow and a simple photo-taking process to achieve a transaction time of around 45 seconds per person/group photo for all the steps mentioned.

Decked out with satins and ruffles and sweet little something, the pop-up store was filled with irresistible gifts, flirty fragrances, fashionable accessories and fun activities – proving that there’s something for everyone!

Stay beautiful!
Takeashot Photobooth

Victorias Secret Custom Built Photo Booth Singapore